A Little Bike Ride

It was in late 1997 when i picked up a copy of Bicycling magazine—the cover intrigued me:


(Yes, I still have the same copy!!!!)

I was doing quite a bit of mountain biking at the time and the idea of a cross-country ride like the one described fascinated me.  The ride approximately follows the trail that Butch Cassidy, Sundance, and the Hole in the Wall gang used to escape from Telluride CO following a bank robbery there.  The ride is a 215 mile long series of hut-to-hut experiences encompassing 7 days and 6 nights.  All the rider needs to carry is water, clothing, first aid supplies, and repair items.  Food and lodging are provided by the operators of the hut system.  Scenery is provided by nature.  The route leads through alpine meadows and national forests, ending on the red slick-rock that has made Moab UT a mountain biking heaven.

Now, almost 17 years later, this dream is coming true.  I have been going to the gym anywhere from 3-6 days a week since last October.  I’ve put several hundred miles on my Marin East Peak full suspension mountain bike over the last few months, riding the Las Cruces loop trail and also forest service roads in Cloudcroft NM, elevation 8700ft.  Our intrepid party (me, my stepson, 2 friends from NH) leaves Telluride CO Sunday June 22.  Since we will not have electricity in the huts and even cellphone access will be limited (let alone wifi!!), it will be a true vacation and escape from civilization.  I plan to document the trip with photos, hopefully video, and very likely an old fashioned written journal.  I’m sure this will not be my last post about this adventure.  And for anyone interested, a link to the San Juan Hut system with lots of information and  some videos: http://www.sanjuanhuts.com/mountain-bike-adventures/telluride-to-moab/