Favorite Season

It’s definitely feeling like autumn here in the Mesilla Valley.  Saturday morning we actually had to keep the windows closed as we headed to Nellie’s Cafe for a filling breakfast of huevos rancheros with red and green chile meat.  Probably my favorite, and most filling, meal of the week:

Now usually the red chile is sort of smoky flavored and pretty mild.  But yesterday, it was hot and the green was hotter!!!!!!  Perfect for a fall morning, like the equivalent of pumpkin pancakes with fresh syrup and ham hash from Parker’s Maple Barn in New Hampshire.

And it’s cold,too—25 this morning at 10:00AM. (Uh, that’s 25 Celsius, which is like 77 Fahrenheit.  But when you’re used to 90’s……..)

Now Sunday was a dream day——unless you were a wife needing chores done.  FOUR football games on cable, a couple great last-minute come-from-behind epics, two bottles of Moose Drool (Bottlecaps:”Discard in nearest truckbed”; “Black Forest, Green Wallet”).  For the uninitiated,

you can check the website at http://www.bigskybrew.com/

And the last great thing about today (or maybe not so great if you are sensitive about your age), our first grand-daughter turned Sweet 16!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday, Bella!!!!!!!!