Here at the Mud Shack we have been known to raise some animals.  There’s the usual coterie of canines and felines.  But we also have Peckatina, Big Red, and the Arachnid—-collectively the Three Intrepid Chicken Sisters.

How they got their individual names is fodder for another post.  For our present purpose, the issue is why they are intrepid.  The video shows them as they exercise in their new run:

  Just peacefully scratching and doing their chicken thing, not a care in the world, as befits poultry kept by peaceful, retired New Mexicans.

Until the pastoral bliss is threatened by the predatory denizen of the back-yard and pecan orchard:

Just Lookin’

 Gracie Grizelda, the Siamese, has taken an interest in the new run.  “Just Looking'” indeed:

“Cat”-bird Seat???

Note how unperturbed the Sisters appear.  We just hope that cage wire is sufficient to thwart Ms. G.  We have become pretty fond of those eggs.