Happiness is a Warm, Yes It Is…

Gun.  Of course, John Lennon wasn’t referring to an AK47 after a mass shooting but rather a needle and intravenous illicit drugs.  I wonder if he would have rethought his imagery if he were writing that song today.

I’m disgusted by the attacks on the students at Parkland and across the country.  Yes, they’re kids.  Yes, they might not be cognizant of all the implications of their marches.  But they have as much a right to free speech as the alleged journalists and hate mongers that verbally abuse them.  And they are much more in tune with the majority of their countrymen’s opinions on gun control.  No one is coming to take away all the guns.  But certain people should not be allowed access to them.  No civilian needs a 100-shot magazine or a rifle capable of emptying that magazine in less than a minute.

I grew up around guns.  My dad had a .22 rifle in the closet.  He kept the ammo and the 6 round clip separately in his dresser drawer.  And we kids spent hours in the attic looking for the rumored 9-MM Luger he had brought back from WWII.  We never found it.


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