Dribs and Drabs

A new study reported by Quartz claims that “washing dishes is the worst. Among domestic tasks, researchers suggest the division of labor in doing the dishes leads to the most relationship conflict. ”  After 36 years of marriage, we sorta have it figured out.  She loads up the dishwasher and/or the drainer, I empty them.  Mostly works……

So I’m not much into the current music scene.  My wife says I’m stuck 50 years ago.  I have no patience for rap. Hip-hop is for bunnies or kangaroos. As for Ed Sheeran,  Justin Timberlake, et al, they can join Bruno on Mars.  That being said, I did just download the new album from Danielle Nichole “Cry No More.”  Some good bluesy soul heart-felt performances.  I really think music has taken a turn to women artists dominating the scene–in blues, there’s Danielle, Ana Popovic, Samantha Fish, Low Society.  The only “pop” album I’ve downloaded recently was last year’s “Joann” by Lady Gaga.  Just don’t understand with all the technology available that the current crop can’t improve on the sound of the Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Traffic.  Why, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac from 1978 just cracked the Billboard charts at #16!!!!

Then there’s the Mexican border.  The National Guard is being mobilized to defend it, according to presidential declaration.  I’ve mentioned the absurd reactions of people who don’t have first-hand experience of the border.  https://www.npr.org/player/embed/599707052/599707053“>This link is to an NPR interview with Mayor Dee Margo (R) of El Paso.  Take a listen–as Kirjsten Nielsen, DHS secretary, says, it’s a non-partisan issue, although his read differs from hers.  As Quartz notes, Trump officially ordered National Guard troops to the US border with Mexico. He said they’ll help stem illegal crossings and that the situation had reached a “point of crisis,” even though border apprehensions are at historically low levels.

Quartz also reports Walden Pond is being ruined by human urine. The phosphorus in the urine of Henry David Thoreau fans is causing harmful algae overgrowth.

Finally, the last drib, getting old.  It sucks.  I keep wishing old friends and classmates “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.  Most turn 70 this year, as I will.  Fortunately, that’s not until right before Christmas.  I tease about 60 being the new 40 and stuff.  I try to stay in shape, biking or going to the gym.  Well, this past winter did for me.  I started feeling a twinge behind my right shoulder-blade when I did some bench presses.  It just got worse.  By March when I had my annual physical, the pain was so bad I could barely drive.  My GP referred me to an orthopedic specialist.  Turns out I have something called “shoulder impingement syndrome,” sort of a combination muscle/arthritis/bursitis thing.  Got a cortisone shot and a prescription for muscle relaxers also used to treat fibromyalgia.  I guess time will tell—-there’s so many trails I want to ride around here and another trip to Moab would be cool………….And I love that my spell checker tried to replace bursitis with burritos.  I much prefer the latter!


Happiness is a Warm, Yes It Is…

Gun.  Of course, John Lennon wasn’t referring to an AK47 after a mass shooting but rather a needle and intravenous illicit drugs.  I wonder if he would have rethought his imagery if he were writing that song today.

I’m disgusted by the attacks on the students at Parkland and across the country.  Yes, they’re kids.  Yes, they might not be cognizant of all the implications of their marches.  But they have as much a right to free speech as the alleged journalists and hate mongers that verbally abuse them.  And they are much more in tune with the majority of their countrymen’s opinions on gun control.  No one is coming to take away all the guns.  But certain people should not be allowed access to them.  No civilian needs a 100-shot magazine or a rifle capable of emptying that magazine in less than a minute.

I grew up around guns.  My dad had a .22 rifle in the closet.  He kept the ammo and the 6 round clip separately in his dresser drawer.  And we kids spent hours in the attic looking for the rumored 9-MM Luger he had brought back from WWII.  We never found it.