A Bolt in the NSA and Other Topics

An interesting analysis from The Economist about the new NSA advisor: John Bolton.  Some of you might remember him as failing his confirmation hearing before the Senate to be appointed UN Ambassador then becoming a recess appointment to that position by that great foreign policy guru, George W, Bush.

PBS has a new children’s show starting in April called Pinkalicious and Peteriffic.  Judging from the ads, La-la pink dragons and little pink houses, I’m hoping the show is more balanced than it appears in this age of #MeToo since the previews seem to perpetuate stale old gender stereotypes.

Gotta love Elon Musk: Leaders on two congressional committees separately called on Mark Zuckerberg to testifyand Elon Musk deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages.  (axiospm)  I must confess this same reaction to FB has driven the resurrection of my blogs.

Normally, animals appear on the companion blog Pirate Dogs and Pilgrims. But ever since we built a new chicken yard, the dogs have been refusing to cover chicken news items.  Our suspicion is that they are jealous of the new digs which enable los pollos to keep treats away from the fencing, frustrating the dogs’ attempts to also partake of the various treats the chickens get.  So this article about the rise of backyard chickens appears here.  BTW, we do NOT cuddle hens or allow them free access to the backyard.  They are one of the most efficient engines of desertification ever encountered.  All that investment in rose bushes and irises would be gone in a matter of hours were the hens allowed access to them.

Have a great weekend and #MarchforOurLives.


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