The Unreality Show

I just don’t get it.  When did immigration and funding the government merge as issues?  The Congress passed a $1.3TRILLION budget for the current fiscal year.  Included was a massive increase in #endlesswar spending and an increase in funding for border security.  Yet Bozo 45 wants to veto it because he didn’t get all the money he wanted for his stupid wall and the Democrats didn’t solve the DACA problem that he created!!!

The border wall is quite impressive where we cross between Columbus NM and Las Palomas, CH.IMG_1769

I don’t recall it as being quite so impressive in the Douglas AZ area but it has been a few years since we visited there.  And how in hell we’re gonna build a wall in the middle of the Rio Grande totally escapes me.  We build it on the US side, we cede the much-needed water to Mexico.  It appears very dubious that the Mexican government will grant us the land to build it on their side of the river.  Stalemate, Bozo.

I recently read Francisco Cantu’s The Line Becomes A River.  The sensors and toys that ICE and Homeland Security have at their disposal are most impressive, even if their policies sometimes sicken me.  But if you are interested in the issues surrounding the border, this book is a good place to start.  Coming to visit us and taking a trip to The Pink Store in Palomas would help your understanding.  (The $3 margaritas are well worth it.)   But while you just wave at the border guards as you cross from the US to Mexico, you had best be sure to have your passport to get back home!!!!

So as I was writing this,Politico and other news feeds reported that 45 WOULD sign the spending bill.  Now I’m sure many on the right would use this as an excuse to bash the previous reporting, that 45 doesn’t ever catch a break from the “fake news” media.  But for me, in my humble opinion, this is exactly the problem with this “presidency.”  It seems to be all about the person and the tweets.  Policy, consistency, and empathy are from some bygone era.   We have entered a reality tv show in real life. And since I am not a reality tv fan, I find it frustrating and damaging to our country.


3 thoughts on “The Unreality Show

  1. Did you watch the Trumpster’s speech as he was about to sign the budget bill? It made me so upset and angry that I had to slow myself down as we drove into town. It seems that we are about to plaster the earth and sea with military equipment. I don’t know if the Armed Services can find enough good men and women to man it all. This is a nightmare!

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