Graduations and a Road Trip

June. Time to leave the desert in the hottest month of the year.  Road trip to CA.  It’s usually a little cooler and this year both grandsons had graduations.

Wrong on the weather—-the Central Valley temps were over 100F and the humidity was ridiculous.  I missed the 80% day but it was still over 40% while I was there.  At home in the Chihuahuan desert, 20% is considered high!!

First graduation was middle school–Mason’s…..

(click for captions)

Mason was probably the male with the most awards in his class, including “Best in Science”, the VFW citizenship award, and CA Junior Scholars Foundation.  Congrats, kid, ya done good.

The next night was older brother Christopher’s graduation from Wheatland Union High School.


the graduate with his sisters


Christopher and Hailey


after the ceremony

Chris got a Principal’s Award and (hope I got this right) the Code of Honor award.  Plus he had the support of his lovely girl-friend, Hailey.  Another grandkid out of high school and on to adulthood……..Milestones.

Of course spending time with the family is always a bonus on these road trips…


the grandkids: (l-r) Christopher, Karlie, Emily, Mason, Isabella


Dee, Mason and Chris getting sun-baked


Dee, Isabella and Emily


Me and Charlie


Emily and Stitch


Dee and Dana’s new house

Of course, it’s always nice to get back home.  And for a bonus, I found a route in southern CA with almost no traffic!!  I spent the last night in Palm Desert and proceeded down CA Route 86 from Indio/Coachella south.  Amazing—-to the right was some of the scruffiest desert landscape imaginable and to the left was the Salton Sea.  Eventually I hit Interstate 8 and was blessed with little or no traffic most of the way across AZ until I got on I-10 just west of Tucson.

Good road trip, better homecoming……..