Remodelación de Cocina, pt. 1

Wow, been a good year since this blog was updated.  I’ll try not to be so lax.  Guess we can blame Facebook for making simple ideas easier to post but that site is so shallow and, quite frankly, too full of bullshit to be enjoyable any longer.  So, blog resurrected……..

We bought the Mud Shack for our retirement in 2009.  The old kitchen was just that—–old and outdated (if you click on the pictures you can see captions):


As can be seen in the lower right picture, the tall pantry cabinet was so close to the stove that the left-hand burners were unusable.  The counters were vast expanses of white.  While la cocina was livable, it just wasn’t what we wanted.

So over a few years we replaced the appliances and researched ideas for a kitchen remodel.  We tried painting the cabinets and that was a temporary solution but we realized a full remodel was in the cards. So the demolition began……..

So in October, 2015, having upgraded appliances, we removed the old white counters and began the labor of renovation……………to be continued (I promise it won’t take a year).

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