The Big Ride

From June 22 through June 28 2014, an intrepid crew rode their mountain bikes from Telluride CO to Moab UT over mostly forest service roads on the Uncompahgre Plateau.  The ride approximated the Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang’s escape route after robbing the bank in Telluride.  The total distance was about 215 miles.  The trek took 7 days, six nights, with lodging provided by the San Juan Hut System.  Six of us rode from Telluride to Gateway, CO; 4 made the trip from Gateway CO through John Brown Canyon finishing with riding the Kokopelli Trail into Moab UT.  Grueling, challenging, and inspirational are all adjectives that would be appropriate to describe this adventure but let’s let the slideshow speak for itself.…………

(Pictures from Jay, Ben, Sonja, and Bill……..)

9 thoughts on “The Big Ride

  1. What a great trip! Loved your choice of music. Wish I could do that.Enjoying the best thing in the U.S., the scenery.

  2. Great job on this! Fun to relive those days 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well in your world (and Ben’s, and Claire’s!!)

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