The second Saturday of September is when the small town of Pie Town NM holds its pie festival.  It’s a true small community type event which provides the majority of the town council’s fund raising.  So of course we attended along with lots of other people—-one guy was traveling cross-country back to Pittsburgh PA; there were plates from as far as Alaska on cars.



That’s probably more traffic than Pie Town sees on US Route 60 the entire rest of the year!!!!

Of course, the big event is the pie baking contest.  This year two friends had entered the contest so in order to get to Pie Town, about 3-1/2 hours from the Mud Shack in Las Cruces, we had to forego our Saturday morning breakfast at Nellie’s Cafe and be on the road by 7:00AM.  We made it, although our presence didn’t earn either of our friends a pie ribbon……

IMG_1794Judging pies in the fire house

And to add insult to the agony of defeat, if you wanted to taste your entry you had to buy it back for $25.00 unless you were a ribbon winner in which case you had to bid for your wares!!!!  Told you this was a successful fund raiser!

Of course, for those of us wanting to ensure the purchase of a consistently excellent quality pie, there is The Pie-O-Neer…


The Pie-O-Neer


A nice selection of tasty delectable treats


and she’s ready to serve them


to the packed house

Of course we patronized this wonderful pie emporium.  Two New Mexico apple pies, one cherry pie.  And what, you might ask, is so special about NM apple pie???  Just look:


Obviously, it’s a pie I ordered


Looks like a flaky crust delicious apple pie, right??


But that little dough decoration may reveal a hint of what makes this pie special and unique


Yes, green chile and pinon nuts make the apple filling even more scrumptious than the picture can portray

So add the Pie Town Pie Festival to your travel bucket list.  You will not be disappointed.  And if you can’t make it the second Saturday in September, plan a trip to the Pie-O-Neer for truly unique and delicious pie!!

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