A Lost Generation

I guess I’m feeling a little depressed. I’m sure some of it is “coming down” from the exhilaration of the Telluride to Moab mountain bike ride a group of us recently completed. (Shameless plug: for a transformative experience, gather some friends and book a week with the San Juan Huts system.) We’ve also given up watching the news—simply cannot abide the cruelty and intolerance that pervades the media.  Just think, last Sunday was the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s “one small step” onto the surface of the moon.  In about a month, it will be the 45th anniversary of “3 Days of Peace, Love, and Music”, the festival in Woodstock NY.  The promise of the wonderful future that these events represented…….and it’s totally disappeared.

I got a cartoon on one of my news feeds—two panels:roge140722

How sad but it truly drives home the point of the utterly pointless violence in the Middle East.  Two peoples that have existed in enmity since before the Common Era and will likely still be slaughtering each other after this generation has passed into oblivion.

Along the southern US border there are people purporting to be Christian denying succor to children fleeing the violence and famine of their native lands.  These same children are being temporarily housed in warehouses with what look like wire kennels to keep them contained until they can either be reunited with family in the US or deported whence they came.

Joni Mitchell told us that “we are stardust/ billion year-old carbon/ we are golden/ caught in the devil’s bargain/ and we’ve got to get ourselves/ back to the garden.” (Woodstock, Joni Mitchell)  Judging by the events in the news, we certainly haven’t made it back to any garden.

The “Greatest Generation” won World War II and rebuilt a tattered world.  The next generation, the “Baby Boom”, larger, with all the advantages given it by those “great ones”, have left the world worse than they found it.  After that surge of optimism in 1969, this generation, my generation, forgot about those ideals and went about life as it was always lived.  And the result?  Massive economic inequality.  More wars, less peace.  Racism.  Intolerance.  As a group we followed Paul McCartney’s advice to “whisper words of wisdom/ let it be.”(Let It Be, Lennon-McCartney)  The result made a prophet (again) out of John Lennon for we truly do go about “Living is easy with eyes closed/ misunderstanding all you see/ It’s getting hard to be someone/ But it all works out/ It doesn’t matter much to me.”(Strawberry Fields Forever, Lennon-McCartney)

I’m not real certain how to end this post.  Perhaps with the words of the Christ: “Jesus, however, said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these.”(Matthew 19:14, International Standard Version) Or maybe the words of Jesse Colin Young: “Love is but the song we sing,/ And fear’s the way we die…C’mon people now,/ Smile on your brother/ Ev’rybody get together/ Try and love one another right now” (Jesse Colin Young, Get Together)

But one thing is for sure—-any citizen of the USA who is NOT a Native American has no business complaining about immigrants, illegal or not.  That is, unless they want to go back whence they came…….At least here in NM, there is something positive being done about the children and their situation.  People have stepped up to the point that the bishop of the Diocese of Las Cruces has asked that donations be suspended-—they have TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!