June is for Graduations, Pt. 2

So in CA the grandkids are graduating.  Just like their grandfather on June 9, 1966:



Of course the trip to the kids’ graduations was also an excuse to reunite with some other denizens of the SCHS Class of ’66.  First there was breakfast in Roseville CA with Carl CJ Sabatini and Lou Meyer to whom we all referred as “Dutch” back in the day….Image

CJ, Lou, Bill

Of course, none of us has aged over the intervening 48 years.  Although we did find it awfully easy to converse together—almost as if very little time had passed.

On Saturday, we traveled to Santa Rosa in the CA wine country and found the lovely house of Kathy Zimmerman-Bonham and met her husband, Jerry, and their dog, Nettie.  We went to lunch at the Korbel Winery and again, it was as if no time had passed.  Kathy is as lovely as she was in high school……


Bill, Kathy, Jerry holding Nettie

Finally, on Sunday, we met up with Don Gundry for breakfast at Lori’s Diner in SF.  Don lives on the peninsula and has a gig as an usher at SF Giants home games.  Once again, conversation came easily as if there were a few months, not 48 years, intervening since last we saw each other.


All in all a very satisfying trip.  Such a pleasure to renew old acquaintances and rekindle old friendships.  I haven’t been very big on attending past reunions (as in I’ve made it to zero) but now eagerly anticipate the next one, number 50, in 2016…….

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