June is for Graduations, Pt.1

June is the hottest month in the desert Southwest.  The monsoon season starts in the middle of June and cranks up in July and August.  Its rain helps keep the temps down when it’s in full swing.  So we usually leave the Mud Shack and the critters in the able hands of my sister-in-law and head for more temperate climes.  Two years ago it was the Loire Valley and Paris.  Last year we traveled through NM, AZ, UT, ID, and WA, visiting old friends and family in WA state.  This year, the theme is high school……

Deliberately trying to make us feel old, my son had not one but TWO of his daughters graduate from their respective schools this year.  First was Emily, looking gorgeous, ending her career in middle school:

gorgeous mleEmily

IMG_1504Getting ready for the ceremony with sister and aunt in the background

IMG_1511Hooray she made it!!!! With proud mom and dad

The following night, big sister Isabella concluded her studies in high school:


Mom has to make sure the lei is perfect, of course….


and here’s the proud graduate


with all her siblings


heading to the stage to get the diploma

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