Resolutions and Fantasies

Been reading a lot of “Best of” lists and lists of things to watch for in 2013.  So here’s a list of my resolutions and a few comments about the upcoming year.


1) Get more exercise.  Yeah, I have this one every year but this is the year I do it.  Check back in Jan.2014…..

2) Perform the annual cleaning out of the garage/workshop/man-cave, which never seems to last.

3) Improve my mind.  Already we attend the Academy for Learning in Retirement lectures but I’m feeling the need to expand on this—–maybe some courses at the university.

4) Complete my collections of Alexander Kent’s series about the British navy following the career of Richard Bolitho and also my collection of Max Brand’s Dr. Kildare series.  It’s not great literature but after the political hash and elections of 2012, the looming fiscal fights in Washington, and just the general cynicism I feel about today’s society, a major dose of idealism is just what I need and these series, along with Harry Potter, provide just that.


1) I get back to the weight at which I played lacrosse in college.

2) The USA passes a carbon tax and gets serious about cleaning up the mess we’ve made of the environment and atmosphere.

3) Congress passes laws that actually reform the tax code to make it simpler, fairer, have lower rates, and generate the revenue it should.

4) Congress enacts legislation to end the financial uncertainty its policies have generated and gradually increase revenues and reform long-term programs to put the country on the path to a sustainable financial future.

Good luck to all on your resolutions and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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