Never Growing Up

Over the end of June/first days of July, I had to take a trip to California for some personal issues.  I was successful in convincing the parents of my grandchildren to allow two of them to return with me for a few weeks.  A vacation for parents, children, and siblings, I’m sure.

There will be other posts about this trip but I had to post this video of the old man refusing to act his age and just watch others riding the discs called sleds down the dunes at White sands National Monument.

This gives an idea of the scale:

The kids getting ready to use the sleds

Now the crazy old man who refuses to accept the limitations of his age, either mentally or physically, mounts the noble steed and away we go…………..

4 thoughts on “Never Growing Up

  1. That ride down the dunes was just awesome! I would NEVER try that, being too old and fragile. I think brother Jim would do it, if so provoked. We were just there this past Sunday and took our 93-year-old friend Flo to the dunes. She took off her shoes and proudly walked into the sand. She had the time of her life!!…Thanks for sharing that great ride downhill. I hope the "ouch" did not amount to anything!Bob R.

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