Home at Last

After almost three weeks away, the Mud Shack looked pretty good to these weary travelers.  There will be pictures and commentary about our trip in forthcoming posts but first a few salient impressions of the trip to New York, France, and New England.

It was very impressive to see the construction of the new tower at the site of the old World Trade Center.  Even nicer to relax in the courtyard of St. Paul’s Chapel, built in 1766.  The old graveyard is a pleasant respite from the bustle of the city.
We spent eleven full days in France, both the countryside of the Loire Valley and in Paris, and never got served escargot.  But I did manage three pizzas:  one at a cafe/bar near the Chateau of Villandry; one from a cart at the Richelieu farmer’s market; and the third from Vesuvio Ristorante on Blvd. St. Germain in Paris.  Only the one from the cart offered to slice the pizza!!!  The other two were discs of cheese, sauce and toppings.  I must say all three were excellent.  The other gastronomic treat was the oysters, both from Ile de Re and the Richelieu market.  They were superior to any I’ve had in years—maybe that’s because we can’t get very fresh oysters in the desert??  At least, not the aquatic variety….
The full day in Boston was spent walking and shopping for souvenirs for family and friends.  (We were too sick from colds/allergies to do much shopping in Paris.) While I loved the dinner at the Atlantic Fish Co. on Boylston St., the oysters weren’t as sweet as the ones in France.  But the Lenox Hotel again surpassed our expectations.  And the true center of the universe is the corner of Brookline Ave. and Yawkey Way!!!  Love the “Red Sockets” parking area and recharging station for electric automobiles….
Friday night we attended a retirement dinner for six teachers from the school in Candia.  It was wonderfully attended and so great to see people we have missed over the five years since we left New Hampshire.  Saturday was spent with friends in Candia and thanks to all for their wonderful friendship and hospitality.
But the best part of the saga was waking up Monday morning in a bed full of canine kids…..

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