What a week

It’s been a while since I’ve posted—-sorry.  Retirement has become busier than anticipated.  But this past week………The hollyhocks are out of control and the cholla and prickly pear are in full bloom.

Amazing how green the desert can become.  We are having a bit of early monsoon; thunderstorms, soaking rain, something not usually seen until mid-June.  
The president, his vice-, and the secretary of education all came out in favor of marriage for anyone.  I know my personal thoughts on this matter have been, to quote POTUS, “evolving” and they have basically arrived at the same point that these luminaries expressed this week:  We are all equal, or we are not.  I thought it was rather sad seeing a black, sorry, African-American, bishop of some evangelical sect taking the negative position on this issue and sounding very much like he had gotten his civil rights so now it was okay to deny them to another subset of the citizenry.  Very sad.  I really wish “Christians” would understand that Leviticus is NOT in the New Testament, which purports to be the Word of Christ.
Finally, yay, Congress!!!  The House passed a budget.  It allows for an increase over the previous budget deal for buying missiles and other armaments while cutting food stamps and Medicare.  The priority is the killing  of unnamed enemies while allowing American children, American poor, and American aged to starve, suffer, and be denied medical treatment.  Way to go!!!!!  
I took advantage of New Mexico’s early voting yesterday.  Want to guess which party I supported??  

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