10 Reasons Not to Move to Las Cruces

Las Cruces is a growing city and usually well rated in various rankings of retirement communities.  But there are severe drawbacks to living here.

1.  Cucarachas in your crocs.
2.  The extra expense of sunscreen with 350 days of sun per year.
3.   50 degrees F feels cold in February.
4.  There’s only TWO seasons: Summer and NOT-Summer
5.  The mountains east of the city prevent you from viewing the missile tests.
6.  The lack of humidity means the temp you see is the temp you get.
7.  Coyotes may eat your chihuahua.
8.  “Manana” does not necessarily mean “tomorrow”, just “not today.”
9.  Centipedes might crawl over your toes.
10. Golf can be played year-around.
11.  Traffic jams usually consist of 5 cars or less.

I’m sure there are many more reasons not to move here.  Please add them as comments as they occur to you.  And please don’t move here—–we love Las Cruces just the size it is…………