Of Weather and Foolishness

I give up.  Can’t make sense of any of it.

First, politics.  This picture (from The Atlantic Wire) says all that needs saying about how Republicans in Congress feel about helping the middle class:

Speaker Boehner looks about ready to cry after having to give in and extend the tax cut for the 99%.  I agree that a two month extension is a farce but given the dysfunctionality of the Congress, what else was expected??  Maybe we could pay for the tax cut for the middle and poor classes, as well as infrastructure improvements and extended unemployment benefits, by making Congress part-time; say, eight months every two calendar years (that’s biennial sessions) and letting them get the same benefits as the middle-class in terms of social security and health insurance (Medicare).  Oh, and pay them by the hour—wonder how much they’d get done if they had to punch a time-clock…….or should their pay be based on piece-work–pay only for accomplishments done on schedule……….
Now, about the weather———In February 2011, we had snow and all-time record lows in Las Cruces.  So this winter should revert to a normal pattern, right??  WRONG.  In New England the temps are higher than here in the high desert.  Our birds don’t like this:
Flamingoes in the Snow
Roadrunners up to their Necks

This is southern New Mexico.  We are at only 4000 feet.  Snow happens in Albuquerque or in 7000 foot Santa Fe, not here!!!
Can you imagine a sadder sight than these poor plants:
Prickly Pear under the Snow

Cholla with Snow

Another Snow-Bound Prickly Pear
The Pecan Orchard as Winter Wonderland

It just ain’t right.  These pictures look more like scenes from our house in New Hampshire than from the Mud Shack in the desert Southwest.  Fortunately, when we moved, we kept a few winter survival accoutrements:

Bean Boots by the Back Door
Never thought I’d ever use a picture of L L Bean boots in a blog post from New Mexico.  Of course they have gore-tex……….
Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza. Peaceful Solstice to all, and to all a good night!! 

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