Halloween Snow

So I guess the eastern US is supposed to get its first major snowstorm this dia de los muertos weekend.  For those non-Native Americans not residing in the Southwest, it’s also Halloween.  To alleviate some of the angst such weather events occasion, I thought it appropriate to post some pictures of the first hot air balloon to fly over the mud shack this season:

The balloon over the orchard

It’s a little closer.  Love that blue sky.

The chicken coop, garage, pecan trees, and balloon.  Yes, the hens freaked!!!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Snow

  1. we are getting DUMPED ON!!! right now. snow started about 11 am i guess. i was driving to meegan's house in monroe ct….a 30 minte drive. fine. i visited with the kids and left…snow coming down quite heavily. took me nearly 3 hours to get home. i know what i'm doing in the snow, so i was never fearful……the only thing that stresses me out is my driveway and the right angle turn into my garage (without wiping out the side of the house)…..but i made it. slowly, but surely. and the other thousands of drivers on the road were fine, too. i don't think i went faster than 25 mph…….but that's the only way to go. i drive a maxima – no fancy wheel drives either…..just first gear. it does look prettier from inside my hosue with the aroma of chicken soup and baking squash….with heat and hot water……poor meegan lost her electricity about 3 hours ago. hope it comes back soon. tomorrow, the sun will come up and the skies will be blue and clear….and the snow will be gone. it's supposed to be 56 degrees for halloween. so, what's the big deal? today was supposed to be the last pigeon race for my father, but the birds were held up till tomorrow. i hope they can find their way home with white under them…….DT

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