Favorite season II

Fall in New Hampshire, our former residence, was punctuated by the brilliant foliage of the deciduous forests covering the state.  The following pictures were taken during a mountain bike ride in the fall:

Lake Shore in Auburn NH

Little Massabesic Lake Auburn NH

Now we live in the Chihuahuan Desert in Southern New Mexico.  Desert—-desolate, deserted, devoid of foliage and trees and rain——Wrong!!!

The following are pictures of beautiful crimson vegetation not far from the Mud Shack:

Red as far as you can see in this field

Another view of the same field
Ahhh, yes, New Mexico’s State Vegetable

Chile peppers still on the plant, drying and turning red.  Edible foliage, unlike those red maple leaves back east.  And as the autumn brings lower temperatures, the heat of the chiles warms the body and soul.

One thought on “Favorite season II

  1. Red is red I guess but I will take sugar maple's leaves turning RED any day whether in Maine or the west, Plus you get Maple syrup. Just the name Chile makes me cold. fred

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