Decade Later

NINE ELEVEN…….The first was 2001, now it’s 2011, a decade later.  America will never forget.  Every media outlet pounces on the date and shakes it in our faces like a cat celebrating with its latest kill.  How can we forget?

The media concentrates on stories of brave survivors or remembrances of the lost.  Occasionally there is mention of the feeling of unity in the homeland.  After the disputed presidential election of 2000, the terrorist attack that brought down the iconic towers that symbolized America’s power united the country as no other event since the assassination of John F Kennedy.  Just about every citizen was wrapped in Old Glory and supportive of the federal government.

Viewing the events of the past decade, the argument can be made that our patriotism and faith were betrayed by those in power.  A senseless war; a devastated economy; the abominations suffered by air travelers in the name of security; the erosion of constitutional rights to privacy and due process; a country so divided and partisan that it no longer appears capable of governing itself— these are the fruits of 9/11.  One could argue that in fact the terrorists accomplished their objective—the US is very changed as a result of their attack and the change is not positive.

On this decadal anniversary, given the problems facing this nation, a return to the attitudes of cooperation and caring which followed the collapse of the towers would serve the country far better than the replaying of the tragic videos and the inane commentary of cable news anchors.  The American people and their leaders need to demonstrate that our values are superior to those of the perpetrators of the horrors of nine-eleven-two-thousand-one.



2 thoughts on “Decade Later

  1. Hard to disagree with your piece but cooperation with the Tea Party ain't gonna happen. obama is caught and now even Wall St is on the record that he has to go. No $$$$ for you !!!! And it looks like a Jewish defection away from the Dems and if that occurs Weiner's seat will go to the GOP on Tues. Even tho that seat it is going to be redistricted if the Dems don't hold itthis Tues in a heavy Dem district all bets are off. Glad you made it back safely. fred

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