Random Muttering

The headline this morning is about the head of the IMF allegedly sexually assaulting a chambermaid in his NY hotel suite.  Since Dominic Strauss-Kahn is also a front-runner in the upcoming French presidential elections, does anyone else wonder how much Nicolas Sarkozy or Marine LePen might have paid the maid??  I’m just sort of indulging my talk show host persona…….

“Big Oil” execs appeared before Congress asking to keep the deductions they didn’t need in 2005 when oil was half the price it is now and profits were lower.  Obama has signaled the okay for more drilling.  And anything this country does to increase production, given our 3% of petroleum reserves contrasted to our 25% of total global petroleum usage, would have no real effect on pump prices for about three years.  Talk about your basic political feel-good worthless actions…Gas prices are ever-rising, naturally right as we plan a trip to CA to see kids & grandkids.

There’s a Bayer aspirin commercial airing featuring a stupid American passenger and a smart and pretty Korean flight attendant informing him that aspirin is for pain….is this really what Bayer’s market research shows??  Americans think aspirin is just for heart attacks??  No wonder we can’t get anything done in this country—-we really have lost it!!  Tried to embed the video but it appears to be unavailable due to copyright infringement issues on YouTube.  But the impression is that the German pharma giant has a pretty low estimation of the intelligence of the U S traveler and a higher one of the Korean employee–bet they’ve been looking at the trends in world-wide educational achievement……..

Aside from the total lack of credible candidates for president coming from the GOP so far, the political event of the week will be the interplay between Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball and HBO’s Bill Maher scheduled to air Tuesday.  I mean, this is the left’s version of Hannity and Beck!!  The blow-hards of the Left!!!  All I can say is that if you watch, have a John Deere tractor with a max front-loader scoop because I imagine the bull-shit emanating from this encounter will far surpass any one’s ability to shovel it out….

Finally, Monday we should hit the debt ceiling.  And your intrepid Congressman is where??  Not in D.C.  The House is in recess………Given the marvelous job our representatives have done in removing the scourge of recession and deficits since the 2010 elections, maybe they should STAY IN PERMANENT RECESS……………

Enjoy your week,  hope you don’t need to visit the gas pump, and, if you watch TV Tuesday, god bless……..

Of Pictures and Peace

“Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice…” CSN&Y, CarryOn.  And did we ever Sunday night and on into Monday.  Osama is dead, gunned down by Navy Seals in a million-dollar compound right under the nose of the Pakistani military.  For some thoughtful coverage of this event, check out The Atlantic website here.

Now President Obama has decided NOT to release the death photo.  I guess we’ll be in for another round of screeching just like over his birth certificate.  Jon Stewart, with whom I frequently agree,  is among the “releasers.”  This time he is wrong.  The decision not to release the picture(s) isn’t about their gruesomeness or that they might be offensive or give children nightmares.  It’s about the security of Americans around the world.  Think about that idiot who calls himself a man of god, pastor Terry Jones in Florida.  All his little stunt, burning a Quran, did was cause churches around the world to be burned; at least 19 American troops in Afghanistan to be killed;  and numerous other threats of reprisal that General Petraeus felt would be harmful to our war effort.  Imagine the wackos’ and zealots’ reactions if we publish a picture of the leader of Al-Qaeda with a bullet hole in his forehead.  Might as well invite the suicide bombers onto every subway and bus they can reach……….

And what’s with people calling for blasting Pakistan?  Are you insane?  This is a barely functional state with a civilian government that doesn’t control the military and an intelligence outfit that supports terrorism on one hand and fights it on the other.  And none of the three has a clue or control over either of the others!!  Let’s not forget they have nuclear weapons as well.  We can guarantee not only more numerous terrorist attacks but probably even deadlier ones if we pull the rug out from under the Pakistani government or condemn them too harshly.

Lost in all the Osama coverage is the little news item that the two Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, have signed an agreement to co-operate and try to unite the Palestinian peoples.  Binyamin Netanyahu the Wahoo Israeli prime minister calls this a “great advance” for terrorism.  I wonder how he can negotiate a meaningful peace treaty with only one of the two governments of the Palestinian people.  Maybe Israel under this guy doesn’t really want peace??

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” John Lennon

A Poem

May 1 1945 Hitler dead
My Lai Lieutenant Calley
Pol Pot
Oklahoma City
Twin Towers
May 1 2011 Osama dead
Jesus and John singing Imagine
World Peace??
I guess…….