5 Months

Five months into retirement.  One might think there’d be a hundred blog posts by now.  Not like there aren’t all kinds of political peccadilloes and human tragedies for inspiration.

But this is only post three!!!!  Such a lazy writer………..but not really.  The calendar actually gets very crowded without one’s realizing it.  Take the wife to knitting (and pick her up therefrom) two days a week–an essential chore if I want the car; drive her to her position at the Institute one day a week;  pick up the harvest box from the local CSA outfit Friday afternoon….Hardly leaves time for butchering a bucket of golf balls at the driving range or riding about on the ditches.  And now baseball season has started——GO RED SOX!!!!!!!  Hope I can still fit in lectures at the Academy for Learning in Retirement.………and those Sunday get-togethers with friends sharing the time constraint dilemmas…….How did we ever get anything done when we were gainfully employed?????????

The author in his man-cave
Moose Drool on the left

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